Who did we borrow from?

I think it's strange how you can be so close with someone and it can end so quickly, without even a warning that it's coming.

I think it's weird how you can see someone as the greatest person in the world, until you don't love them anymore, and then you see how they can really be and how they are nothing like you remember.

And it's odd how songs can fit your mood so perfectly and make you think about what's happening in the now, or how they remind you of a certain time. You can remember everything about it. Every detail.

The way you see something somebody else has written, and you know someone out there feels the way you do. And someone knows.

How hanging out with yourself isn't really so bad. It's actually great.
How sometimes I'd rather hang out with myself when the option of hanging out with others is there.

When you say you're not going to be with someone, because they're not someone you could be with, but then you get with them anyway. And how much it hurts when you grow feelings for someone and you so badly don't want to have them.

The way a person doesn't want to go to school because they realize how great their family is. And being away, means less time with them.
How you think about how close you are now, and you think about moving out, and not seeing them everyday.

How you want to travel and just leave, but you can't let go.

How you want to call, but you don't. Until you think about how small we are in this world, and how if you fuck this up, there are others, and then you do it. And you don't regret it.

I want to read and be cultured and do well in school and meet new people and travel and get a job I love and watch movies and go on dates and write and drink wine and have an apartment and research everything I've ever wondered about and feel invincible. I remember feeling that way once, I think. But I guess it wasn't grand enough to remember. Someday.

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Today I was looking at the daily shirt on woot.shirt and there was some shirt about a brain and I never read the description, but today I did. And it said this: She asks me why
I’m just a brainy guy
I’m on this train I caught:
My train of thought
I can’t explain why I’m
Thinkin’ deep all the time
It’s just in my nature
Like Rodin’s Penseur

Gimme a head with brains
Smart, rational brains
Meditatin’, ideatin’,
Contemplatin’, speculatin’

Give me PhD brains
Graduate degree brains
Clever, bright, analytical
Quick and sharp and keenly critical

Brains, brains, brains, brains, brains, brains, brains
Ponderin’, wanderin’
Never catch me squanderin’
My brains"

And I soon realized it was a parody on "Hair" and I liked that a lot!