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it was bye bye new jersey, we were air borne

30 March 1989
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i keep it real.
'nobody likes us' guy, 718-387-6962, =w=, abandoned buildings, absinthe, accordions, adult swim, air conditioning, andre the giant, areas of my expertise, art, artie-the-strongest-man-in-the-world, asbury park, banksy, being jewish, belle & sebastian, ben kweller, blink 182, bob dylan, bob odenkirk, british accents, bruce springsteen, bully blinders, cats, chauncey, chester copperpot, chuck palahniuk, chuck taylor all stars, clarence, clarence clemons, clarissa explains it all, coach z, coming of age, dan miller's istanbul solo, danny federici, danny weinkauf's red pants, dave foley, decrease world suck, dewey cox, doug lussenhop, dunder mifflin, dwight schrute, fabulous hair, feeling infinite, fencing, festivals, flying spaghetti monster, free food, free spirit, freehold, futurama, galleries, garden state, girlfriends in comas, good spelling and grammar, han solo, happy dances, heart-to-hearts, hello kitty, hiking, homestar runner, hot dog highway, hot weinkauf lovin', humpers, indie, jason bateman, jim halpert, john flansburgh, john green, john hodgman, john linnell, john linnell's teeth, joy peters, kal penn, karen arnold, katamari damacy, kevin arnold, kids show, krebstar fish food, led zeppelin, liam finn, lolcats, love me two times, marty beller, max weinberg, michael scott, mike maronna, mikey's dad's museum, mom's plate, my two fathers, nature, nerdfighters, new jersey, nostalgia, not factoring polynomials, npr, obey, old beans, old greg, one eyed willy, oscillating wildly, patti scialfa, paul pfeiffer, pete and pete, photography, radiohead, renee the receptionist, road trips, rocky horror picture show, salmonbots, sarcasm, saxophone, schadenfreude, seinfeld, sex and the city, shepard fairey, simon and garfunkel, ska, snow, south park, st. christopher's talent showcase, steve van zandt, street art, swiss cake rolls, syd straw, teen girl squad, the decemberists, the e street band, the freewheelin' bob dylan, the max weinberg 7, the mayor, the mighty boosh, the mountain goats, the poopsmith, the simpsons, the stone pony, the truffle shuffle, the wonder years, they might be giants, thrift store fashion, tim and eric, tom peters, truffle shuffle, tucker max, vote for change, wayne arnold, weird new jersey, winnie cooper, woody allen